One of the largest sources of controllable man-made evaporative emissions in the world, with over 1 million gallons of gasoline vaporized daily in the US alone. 

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California Air Resources Board
Issues Executive Order D-565-1 for the
RAM O-Leak Replacement Gas Cap


LOS ANGELES, Calif.--(Business Wire)-January 2, 2004 --The first automotive gas cap to combine space-age fluoroelastomer seals with exclusive easy-turn features has just received a second Executive Order Number from the California Air Resources Board (ARB), permitting its aftermarket use.

RAM Products, Ltd., of Brookfield, Wisconsin, a design and engineering company, announced today the company has received ARB Executive Order D - 565-1 for the patented RAM 0-Leak replacement gas cap.

An Executive Order is issued to a manufacturer if it is determined by the California Air Resources Board that the replacement part will not increase emissions. This permits RAM to advertise, sell, and retrofit the 0-Leak caps on vehicles with screw-type gas caps through the 2004 vehicle model year.

After years of development the RAM 0-Leak cap incorporates patented fail-safe seal and valve designs with much lower permeability to Hydrocarbons and lower torque requirements than any previous gas cap design.

Leaking gas caps have proved to be one of the greatest sources of evaporative emissions worldwide. According to the USEPA, up to one-half of the total hydrocarbon emissions from a vehicle may occur from evaporative losses.

In North America studies by General Motors and Sun Oil have found that replacing lost or leaking gas caps can save up to 30 gallons of gasoline a year per vehicle and reduce evaporative emissions by up to one-third.

Dick Shaw, President of RAM Products, and inventor of the 0-Leak cap noted, "Since the early 1960's, nitrile rubber has been the primary material used in the seals and gaskets of gas caps. Gas caps with nitrile rubber may begin leaking within two years of the gas caps life." Mr. Shaw continued, "Materials now available to manufacturer gas caps have improved dRAMatically since the early 1970's. New fluoroelastomers incorporated into the RAM 0-Leak gas cap provide greater life expectancy, durability and permeation rates. "

As part of its Low Emissions vehicle progRAMs (LEV II and PZEV), the ARB has increased the evaporative emissions durability requirements starting with the 2004 model vehicles from 10 years or 100,000 miles to 15 years and 150,000 miles. Replacing older style gas caps that depend on nitrile seals with new caps made with fluorocarbons is one of the recommended strategies to meet ARB's new zero evaporative system requirements.

Material defects are not the only contributor to evaporative emissions. Mr. Shaw added: "Consumer misuse of the gas cap is also a source of evaporative emissions. This occurs when consumers fail to tighten their gas caps to the proper torque specifications allowing gasoline vapors in the gas tank to be vented to atmosphere."

In the late 1960's the Consumer Product Safety commission required that gas caps be designed with the familiar "turn until it clicks" design. Many people with arthritis, or the elderly and the disabled, are physically unable to tighten a gas cap to the required specification. The Arthritis foundation claims that the gas cap is one of the ten most difficult products for arthritis sufferers to use.

The RAM 0-Leak gas cap opens and closes with a simple movement of the thumb and forefinger. It requires .4 Newton meters to close or about 1/5 to 1/20 of the torque required to close current gas caps.

Replacing a leaking gas cap with the RAM 0-Leak gas cap will result in an immediate reduction of vehicle emissions. Shaw added, "We are very pleased to have received an ARB Executive Order for our replacement gas cap that helps maintain the efficiency and reliability of a vehicle's evaporative emissions control systems and is convenient and easy for the motorist to use."

RAM Products, Ltd. ( is a plastics design and engineering company that develops, patents, and licenses gas caps and production processes to vehicle OEM's, fuel system manufacturers, and small engine manufacturers. Headquarters are located at 21000 Enterprise Dr., Brookfield, WI 53045.


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